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27th Jul 2012, 9:21 PM in Chapter 1
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Ranger 27th Jul 2012, 9:21 PM edit delete
Yes, I realize the art is God-Awful. It was made years ago, and even at the time I made it, it was sub-par. Keep in mind, Wing It was basically an exercise in improvisation--no advanced plot, no reference images, drawing just from my mind and trying to get a coherent picture.

...With results much as this sounds like; very bad execution. :P

I intended for Digital Wing It to fix that, though I never got that off the ground. For starters, it'd require regular Wing It to be uploaded consistently, and my scanner's a piece of junk. There's also the fact that when I started DWI, I intended to use a tablet to draw--something I don't have anymore.

Basically, the idea was that Wing It would be posted, and then DWI would be posted a comic or two later, to show a more consistent, better version. Never got around to it, though.

Scan, crop.
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