Wing It - Page 7

27th Jul 2012, 9:39 PM in Chapter 1
Page 7

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"What happened?!?"
by Ranger 2nd Jan 2011, 6:14 AM

...I, uh, got distracted. I'm working on page 8. Now, I was planning on uploading what I had, anyway, but my scanner currently isn't working. So, it'll be a little while, anyway. Don't worry; in the time which my scanner doesn't work, I'll most likely be working on page eight. I think that I'll get a good few more done on the fight which is going on, naturally. In fact, I'm kinda worried I might not be able to finish it quickly enough, now. :P


Anyway, I currently don't have my laptop due to my car breaking down on the return trip, but when I get it, I'll begin working on a digital version of my comic. I wanted to do things vice-versa, obviously, and have the real comic up first, but if the scanner is broken, then the only way I can show you my work is to do a digital version which doesn't require scanning. (Shame, too. If you looked at these first, then the other comic, you'd go, "Wow! What an awesome improvement!" Looking at that comic first, and then at this after that, you'll think, "Meh, those are just sketches." :P)


I do fully intend on uploading this comic. Just that my scanner's not currently cooperating with me, and I'll have to adjust for that slight inconvenience. At least with a digital version, you'll get the storyline. (But, no, I will NOT get ahead on the digital version and do something there which I haven't done on paper, first. Meaning, if you see it on this other comic, I'll have already done the sketch, even if I can't upload it.) Blasted malfunctioning scanner. >_<

Remember when I said I might consider an edited version?
by Ranger 30th Dec 2010, 9:23 AM

It was brought up before, that one of the main purposes of Wing It was to not re-do the images, no matter how messed up they'd be, but that I might consider making a more polished version.


Well, on my vacation, I got a Vistablet. I haven't tried it out, yet, but assuming it works, it'll probably be put to extensive use.


"But Ranger!" You cry. "What about Wing It as it is?!?" Oh, don't worry. I very much intend to continue doing Wing It on paper, and uploading it, first. The digital version will be more of a side-project. What will the digital version bring? -Better Scenery. When working on Wing It, I have none. The tablet offers me the luxury of a nice good reference image or two for scenery, something I've been struggling on with Wing It. -No messed up proportions. I have NO intention to make the characters completely consistent, despite this being a more polished version. Why? Because Wing It is my experimental playground. It'd be a shame if I neglected to preserve that. However, all of this in consideration, I don't want the messed up proportions you'll be seeing in Wing It. I'll fix the proportions, but hopefully, not much else. This'll--with luck--preserve the looks, good and bad, of each panel, while making them look less distorted. -Proper layering. A small point of mine, and not that important, but something I'll insist on. -Color. Perhaps the most important thing of all in this version. Color is something I lack in Wing It, due to it being made exclusively with my mechanical pencil.


All of these things make it enough that I'll create a new webcomic for it. Unlike Comic Battle, however (which branched out: Q was originally meant to be abandoned for R's plot, but then I later decided Q could continue as a non-storyline comic), this new webcomic WOULD stick EXACTLY to what Wing It is, only more refined. Due to that refining, it's instantly not Wing It as I've set Wing It to be, but it's also something I think I should do, simply to grow my artistic talents slightly. I'm thinking that if Wing It updated once a day, this might be once every other day, perhaps once a week. Yes, that'd mean it'd get behind Wing It fairly quickly, but because I'm anticipating it taking me far longer than a Wing It page would, I also expect it to update less often. This would essentially be a bonus, meant for clarity and precision.


I hope that makes sense. I'm not very good with words. :P

"Hey! That's not the style the comic's in!"
by Ranger 24th Dec 2010, 1:49 AM

I must apologize. People looking from the banner and avatar will mistakenly come to the conclusion that this comic is electronically-drawn. In truth, it's all hand-drawn, and it's for that very reason that I didn't make a comic avatar and banner. For starters, making a wing without a reference image is incredibly hard. There's also size: transitioning between what I draw, what I scan, and what I can upload...well, it's not a good transition. So many things can go wrong, for something so simple. Quite frankly, it's not worth it. So sorry for those who were expecting something else. It's here in the blogs, for any who actually read the blogs. :P

Maybe some day if I ever got more serious about this webcomic, I'd do it. But, hey, right now, I'm not that devoted to it. That kinda goes against the nature of the comic. Maybe in the future, when I decide to re-do* the comic in a more consistent style, perhaps use color, that kind of thing...but until then, nah. Just wouldn't be right.


*It goes against the nature of the comic to do this, but if I ever get the urge, then I can create a comic with an identical (or similar) name and have it there. But, again, I don't think that'll come for a long time. I'm happy with the art as it is, even if it sucks and is inconsistent and has constant problems. It's still fun. :)

"What is this?"
by Ranger 22nd Dec 2010, 5:48 AM

You might be wondering what the heck this webcomic is. This is my tenth (solo) webcomic project which I just decided to make on a whim, Sunday (or was it Monday?) night. The basic idea was quite simple:

No Reference Images to fall onto.

No Erasers to get things perfect every time, to make things look good, to make things consistent.

No measurements to get things like proportions perfect. (Well, except for the ruler to get the boarder, but that's clearly not perfect. :P)

Not even a well-thought-out plot! (Okay, so that happened anyway, but not as much as normal! :P)


It would be me, just winging it, going along with the flow, drawing however the heck I felt like drawing, and seeing the end result. (Hence, the comic name.) Suitingly, this idea was thought up in a split-second, and I instantly began to run with it, and I think that you'll be able to garner some entertainment out of my work. Now, this means that the comic is obviously not going to be that high of quality, but remember: I do these things for my own enjoyment, so I don't really care that the art sucks. And the results are...actually kinda surprising. I'm not going to say I'm good; I quite frankly suck. :P But I'm better than I give myself credit for; that's for sure. And surprisingly, I've shown that I can get some consistency in. (Not much, but still...) More than that, but I've actually drawn some of my best art ever...and I'm only a few pages in! Wing it will be one of the most fun projects I ever do, and I think it'll help me expand as an artist greatly.

I might not be as good as I would be with reference images, but I'm proud I am even close to this level without any. I definitely could get things a lot better with an eraser, but actually like the fact that I can let go for a while and create something quickly, instead of obsessing over every panel for hours to make it perfect. My only tool is a pencil, and while that definitely limits how much I can do, I'm proud of how it makes me think how to use what I've got. And while this whole thing might sound idiotic to you, to me--at the very least--the concept is quite...fascinating.

"Hey, what's the deal?!?"
by Ranger 22nd Dec 2010, 5:30 AM

Why are there no comics, right now?


This is a hand-drawn comic; that's why. I want to finish Chapter One before I start uploading, and then set incriments of roughly 12/24 hours between the comic updates. This gives me time to think about continuing on, on a semi-regular basis. When I really get into the comic, I can draw a page a day, I believe, perhaps two. The largest issue here will be my scanner. As I have joked in the past, my scanner is a bit...sketchy, to say the least.


Don't worry. I should have Chapter One finished soon enough. I think you'll rather enjoy the wait. Just bear with me for a while. If all goes according to plan, I'll be uploading before I leave on my trip to Oregon, Friday Morning. I might not, and if so, will have to wait until I come back. But rest assured, I'll do everything in my power to get comics to you, soon. Just...well, not now.


This also applies to the Character Page. It'll be updated in Images, with text added in as extra. So, you'll see me update it after I actually DRAW the character pages. :P


"How close are you to being finished, Ranger?" Well, Chapter One's taking less pages than I thought it would; I'm trying to expand it a little with some more fluff. Currently, I have five pages done, plus the cover page. How long will the chapter be? *points to the comic's title* :P I really have no clue. I'm hoping for over ten, preferably something like twenty or twenty-five, but at the rate I'm progressing, I'll be lucky to get fifteen. So, uh, yeah, I'm actually getting really close.


I hope that adequately explains any possible frustration you might be having with this comic, right now. See ya when I update!



I have 7 pages done, now. Unfortunately, I'm leaving tomorrow (Friday) early in the morning for Oregon, meaning, I will be hundreds of miles away from my scanner. I'll continue working on it, though. Trust me, while there are certainly a lot of failures, I still think you're going to like the end result. ;)